Busy Monday

Dear Diary,

It's Monday!

My favourite day of the week!

You see, there's always some form of excursion on Monday and today, we got to go to that magnificent place called THE BEACH!  It's a love-hate for mummy with the beach.

Great start to the day.
Our favourite place in the whole wide world!

Love - It's open.  It's spacious.  Frodo and I get to swim a lot more than a swimming pool.

Hate - I have this favourite hobby called 'rubbing myself silly on the sand'.  This means... the house will be very very sandy for the next 3 days.

It's a human-dilemma, I tell ya!

But mummy will cave in at some point and bring us to the beach.... now and again.

We... the doggies... always win.

My favourite hobby!
My middle name is "Sandy"
[photo credit: Furry Photos Pet Photography]

Monday is also family day with grandma, grandpa and that grumpy old brother of mine, Dumbo.

I don't get the humans.

They take the same photo every other day and never seem to get bored with it.   Mummy says it's because Dumbo and I are getting older so every moments count.

We're not complaining.

All we need to do is sit in front of the same wall, look at mummy for a while (sometimes a long while) and viola!  Food dispensing machine activated.

Pose for the camera?

(P.S. Frodo is still out gallavanting with grandpa as I'm typing right now... TRAITOR!)

"We don't get the humans.  Same pose, same wall, same place... EVERYTIME."

Filming is starting again in a few days time.
A short project this time.
One episode in an upcoming Channel 8 drama.

Mummy and I are very blessed to be working alongside an understanding, patient and detailed director... and that she always chooses me when there's a canine role available!  How lucky am I?

She also makes sure she provides us with the scenes beforehand and is always open to discussion.  She knows me well now so it makes things ALOT easier.

This will be our third project with her and we are so looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I need to prep for my new role....

Can you guess what mummy is teaching me?

What a busy day!

But I love it.


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