It's All in the Name (part 1)

Dear Diary,

This 'lil website of mine is finally up and running!  Phew!

What can I say?

I made a resolution to have my own little blog-diary-website just because I think it can be fun.  BUT the mere thought of starting/designing and thereafter maintaining the website, made this idea seem quite daunting.  Maintaining my social media sites is... fun!  But quite hard work too.  And now to add a blog/website to the list?


After some ding-dong-ing around indecisively with mummy for some time  on to-do or not-to-do, we decided, "What the heck!  To-do we shall!"

After all, the work is actually done by the human mastermind.  So is the writing.  But let's all just pretend that I, Flapper Choo, am actually a canine genius who is fully capable of doing my own writing.

So with that, it was time to decide on THE NAME.

I think it's that Libra thing about indecisions but even THE NAME for the website was another ding-a-ling-a-dong session with mummy.  Put two Libra together and that could take... forever.

Something simple.
Something straightforward.
Something that would depict it's about, well, me.

"Life of Flapper"....
Guess that could work.

Time to register for the website.

Domain name.
Hmmm... one paw at the time.

*l i f e o f f l a p p e r [.com]*


"Domain name is available"


Fill in the rest of the details.

Realisation hit home.

How did my website become "Flapper The Dog"?


Too late.
Payment made.
Registration done.

My website is now officially

Shy Shy


To be continued....

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